Sustainability at AAK

Making Better Happen™ from plant to brand

Sustainability is part of our DNA

At AAK, building sustainability into our everyday activities helps us to achieve our vision of being the industry’s first choice for value-adding plant-based oil solutions. Hand in hand with financial growth, social and environmental responsibility is key to our continued development and future success.

Sustainability has been at the core of AAK for many years. It has a strong alignment to who we are and how we run our business and our company. We also see it as fundamental to our continued development and future success. Drawing on a diverse range of raw material sources, AAK has a responsibility and a role to play in enabling sustainable foods to consumers. By ensuring responsible supply chains, minimizing our environmental impact and by being a knowledgeable partner on sustainability we can provide value-adding sustainable solutions to our customers and thereby consumers. Learn more in our CEO statement.

The AAK House of Sustainability

Our House of Sustainability has guided our continued progress and represents the foundational structure of our sustainability initiatives and how we make it part of our DNA. 

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Policies and Codes

With the UN Global Compact principles as baseline, we have developed our own policies and codes. We continuously revisit our progress and follow up on the work we have done. If you want to learn more about what we do to create a better tomorrow for all of us, have a look at some of the reports and documents here.


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To us, being responsible is also about being clear and transparent. Here we have gathered information related to areas such as our production, our supply chains, grievances, and human rights.


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