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Mayonnaise and Dressings

From the well-known and traditional to the unexpected and exotic. AAK’s range of dressings will bring new levels of flavor to your dishes. Alongside the dressings, our fresh tasting mayonnaise will give you all you need to excel in the kitchen.

Our vast range of mayonnaise and dressings has been carefully developed to meet changing consumer demands and market trends. Foodservice caterers and wholesalers as well as bakery and food manufacturers will benefit from top-of-the-line products, specially adapted to their needs. The top priority is to continue to work and grow together with our customers to be able to provide you with products that consistently deliver quality and outstanding taste experiences.


Our mayonnaises have a superior structure that holds salads together, coats ingredients more evenly, and provides an excellent flavor profile. They are made with real eggs, while withstanding tough applications without breaking down.


Our dressings offer everything from traditional to exotic flavors that offer a fresh taste with bold and wholesome flavors that coat your salad without dripping. We utilize only the finest ingredients which provide a great visual presentation and a superior flavor profile.

A global product range

AAK’s range of superior flavor mayonnaise and dressings has been adapted to accommodate different market trends and customer requirements.

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AAK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality assured vegetable oil products and sauces. Our extensive product range is available for retailers such as supermarkets and discounters across the world.