Sustainable sourcing

in all our supply chains of raw materials

Better sourcing

AAK is committed to sustainable sourcing all across our supply chains, worldwide. Our stakeholders' expectations and concerns about where products and raw materials come from, and how they are produced, are also key drivers for our efforts to implement even better sustainability programs across all our raw materials.

AAK plays an important role in the food value chain. Through Better Sourcing we engage to transform and go the extra mile to implement continuous improvement programs. We regularly engage with our suppliers to verify that raw materials are produced in a sustainable way to protect bio-diversity and ecosystems, and to reduce our environmental impact while safeguarding human rights and improving smallholders and women’s livelihoods. 

Together, we are Making Better Happen.


We progress towards our committments supported by our ambitions:

Protect biodiversity and reduce our environmental impact

  • 2025: 100 percent verified deforestation-free and conversion-free for palm and soy
  • 2025: 150,000 trees planted
  • 2021: Define the scope 3 science-based targets and drive progress accordingly

Improving smallholders and women livelihoods

Embed human rights

  • 2021: 100 percent of countries of origin human rights risk-assessed and salient issues identified
  • 2021: human rights action plan initiated for palm oil

Key achievements 2020

In 2020, we progressed with the following key achievements:


  • Increased palm traceability to plantation to 70 percent, representing an increase by 27 percent since 2019
  • Verified deforestation-free palm almost doubled to 50 percent.
  • RSPO-certified palm increased to 38 percent, representing an increase by 23 percent since 2019
  • Piloted satellite monitoring and committed to cover AAK’s full palm supply base from 2021 onwards 


  • Scaled up our Kolo Nafaso program in West Africa by 39 percent to 321,443 women
  • Planted more than 30,000 shea trees and more than 2,000 coconut trees
  • Launched a campaign against child labor in West Africa
  • Partnered with Saha Global to ensure access to clean drinking water in Ghana 


Questions about our sustainability work?