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Give your pizza a crispy crust

with a soft, desirable, and open texture


Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods around the world. But a pizza must have the right texture, crust, and taste to be perfect. That’s where our solutions come into the picture.

The role of fat in pizza dough is similar to that of bread. It helps with fermentation and affects softness, shelf life, volume, crumb structure, and crust. While various types of fats will work for bread, flaked shortening is the best solution for pizza. Our flaked fats help to shorten time of dough fermentation, create more aerated texture in pizza after baking, and allow for better flavor distribution. They also create a softer crumb structure, and offer a crispy crust, with a soft, fluffy interior.

Mix it directly into the dough

You can mix our flaked shortening directly into the dough towards the end of the mixing process. It gives your pizza a porous internal structure, and it makes production much more efficient.

We have a team that backs you up

AAK can help you with the flaked shortening that goes into your pizza, as well as release agents that make production easier. Our Bakery Customer Innovation team will help you with everything you need when it comes to equipment and service.

Flavored flaked fats for other bakery applications

Our flaked shortenings come in many sizes and thicknesses, we even have flavored products. Our most popular flavored flakes include a butter-flavored flake and a cinnamon flake with real cinnamon. They are used to enhance the taste in bakery applications like scones, American morning biscuits, pies, and many others. Bakery mixes is another area where our flaked fats provide efficiency and desired functionality.

The secret is in the pizza dough

Whether it's vegan, vegetarian or features a wide variety of meats and cheeses, today's consumers relish an artisanal, hand-crafted quality in their pizza. A quality they can only get with a crispy, flavorful pizza crust.

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