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Medical Nutrition

AAK has more than 150 years of experience within oils and fats, and has worked half a century within the medical nutrition segment. Given our advanced capabilities and knowledge, you can rely on us for the value-adding solutions and insights you need to create lasting success.

In order to make the most out of the many benefits of medical nutrition products, a trustworthy partner is needed. AAK has excellent technological capabilities and extensive experience in supplying approved and proven lipids.

A well-proven portfolio

AAK has a strong, proven portfolio for the medical nutrition industry. With product safety and quality assurance always paramount, our range comprises essential and speciality oils that are complemented with functional excipients—all tailored to work for you in enteral applications such as oral nutritional supplements. We are also producing active ingredients for parenteral nutrition which are used globally.

Meeting the requirements

Depending on demand, we can assist with products to suit a variety of end applications such as high nutritional supplementary powders, drinks or snacks, tube feeds, intravenous nutritionals, and injectable pharmaceuticals.

Focused on your business

AAK understands your business. We know how important it is to have a partner that can collaborate across the entire value chain. From idea generation to launch, our proven expertise and knowledge can help you seize new opportunities and overcome market challenges. As your partner, we utilize all our expertise so no matter how big or small your challenges are, we’re ready to solve them together with you.

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