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Speciality Oils, Vinegars, and Cooking Wines

Bring authentic, sophisticated flavors from around the world to your dishes with AAK’s collection of premium quality speciality oils, vinegars, and cooking wines, carefully designed with chefs and caterers in mind.

Quick and easy to use as well as versatile, our speciality oils and vinegars can be used across your menu from dipping oils, finishing oils, and recipe ingredients to stir frying and marinades, all bringing new depths of flavor to your menu. Our products are made using only the finest natural ingredient and quality olive, rapeseed, and sunflower oils.

Our speciality oils

Our speciality oils are made using only the finest ingredients—quality olive, rapeseed, nut, and sunflower oils. From classic cooking oils such as rapeseed and sunflower, to infused oils such as basil, lemon, garlic or chili, or new trend innovations such as SmokeHouse or FireHouse Oils, they are guaranteed to elevate the taste of your cooking.

Our vinegars

Our range of vinegars—red, white, red wine, balsamic or cider vinegar—can be used in variety of menu styles as well as a diverse array of applications such as cooking to cleaning.

Our cooking wines

Our versatile selection of cooking wines is a key source in enhancing the flavor profiles of a broad spectrum of dishes and ideally leveraged when used for sauce bases.

A global product offer

At AAK, we use our resources and expertise to develop tailored solutions and finished products to meet your needs. Our offer may vary, depending on the market. For more information on our top brands and solutions, please visit

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