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Foodservice and Retail

At AAK, we work closely with our customers to develop solutions that truly make a difference in both the foodservice commercial kitchen and your kitchen at home. We analyze both market and sector trends as well as food and flavor trends in order to support new product development, all to offer a product range tailored to meet the strictest requirements. Choosing our products means adding quality, sustainability, healthy ingredients—and a world of taste to your mix.

AAK Foodservice and Retail produces over 300 different speciality oils, condiments, sauces, dressings, frying oils, and ingredients. Our customers range from Michelin starred chefs to your local takeaways, from global fast food chains to major retailers. We produce delicious and effective off-the-shelf products, as well as tailored solutions for individual applications. We are ready to improve your offer as well.

Creating value and inspiration

Our focus is centered on your needs and we believe that by working closely with you, we help you to grow your businesses. Therefore, our range is constantly evolving, thanks to our relentless focus on innovation and new product development. With our products and innovative packing solutions, we inspire you to create new ideas and increase the quality of the final dishes that end up on menus in foodservice outlets and kitchen tables all over the world.

Working together to produce the very best results

Our extensive portfolio of products includes dressings, butter blends, margarines, spreads, shortenings, vinegars, frying oils, mayonnaise, sauces, cooking wines, and other condiment products. In short, everything needed to produce fabulous food, offer healthier options, generate cost savings, improve performance or place a greater emphasis on sustainability. We offer market adapted products to different regions.

For more information on our top brands and solutions, please visit www.aakfoodservice.com.

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