Understanding our operations

taking action with a solid approach

Our better operations approach

With the aim to fully embed sustainability in our operations we have a structural approach to ensure progress across our sites, supported by our purpose, Better Behaviors, Better Leadership principles and our People ambition.

Better operations consist of three focus areas: The well-being of our people, Minimizing our environmental impact, and Being a better neighbor. 

Our model

Our approach to managing risks and opportunities within these areas relies on three basic steps: deeply understanding our operations, taking action and evaluating, and assessing and driving progress in line with improvement plans. 

Deeply understanding our operations

We continuously work to understand environmental and social risks, and assess compliance with requirements and gaps linked to The well-being of our people, Minimizing our environmental impact, and Being a better neighbor. Additionally, we identify different challenges linked to countries, regions, jurisdictions, and systems to prioritize and improve based on local prerequisites and circumstances. The insights feed into our steering documents and our improvement and engagement plans. 

Taking action

We aim to increase our positive impact and minimize our negative impact in line with our ambitions and by improvement plans. As a result of assessing our risks, we review and update our Group Code of Conduct and Group Environmental Policy. Based upon learnings from our community engagement approach, we also review and update our Community Engagement Guidelines. 

The well-being of our people

AAK is a purpose-driven company, supported by strong values (Better Behaviors), Better Leadership principles, and a People ambition that create a foundation and a mutual driving force throughout our operations. It is important that we understand the social risks and work with continuous evaluation and employee dialogues to identify any issues that may arise on a country-specific or global level. The focus on safety, well-being, engagement, and human rights builds on high ethical standards and systems to ensure we fulfill our ambition. Learn more here

Minimizing our environmental impact

AAK is on a transitional journey with a focus on mobilization, managing environmental risks, and utilization of best available technologies. It is important that we understand the risks and identify best practice to scale up good solutions. The focus on greenhouse gas emissions, resource efficiency, and circular economy builds on assessment of our most significant risks, and improvement plans exist related to these areas, both on a global and local level. Learn more here

Being a better neighbor

As a global company, it is our responsibility to play an active role in caring for our surroundings and those living there by engaging in a variety of local activities. Our community engagement initiative is driven by an assessment of relevancy and passion. We aim for impact, scalability, and long-term engagement that can strengthen our role in society as a responsible corporate citizen. Learn more here

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