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Whipped Topping and Cream

Our unique Co-Development approach means a close collaboration with you as our customer. Together we meet the ultimate challenges and create the optimal cream or whipped topping by developing the right solution that fits your needs perfectly.

In the Whipped Topping and Cream segment you find a variety of cream types, like breakfast cream, cooking cream, and whipped toppings. These applications put high demands on performance and therefore our unique Co-Development approach meets all challenges by customizing the solution with a perfect fit to your needs, generating mutual lasting business.

Meeting all functionality challenges

The whipped topping and cream applications puts the highest demand on the oil and fat solution being incorporated. The solution must guarantee qualities like foam, freeze and thaw, and acid stability—besides taste, sight, and texture, which are all of paramount importance. AAK’s range of solutions is developed to meet these challenges by providing a perfect cream or whipped topping that gives the consumer an excellent experience.

Sustainable, healthier, and cost-efficient options

AAK’s range of solutions offers advantages such as a healthy nutritional and sustainable profile. The focus is also on providing a cost-efficient and safe solution.

The winning collaboration

Our experts are ready to provide knowledge and experience. They will listen to your needs. This innovative team creates the optimal solution that allows you to meet your customers’ requirements and the expectations of your markets.

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