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Fermented Milk Products

There are numerous variants and customizations of fermented milk products. We know the opportunities. We are ready to help you, bringing our long experience of dairy and vegetable fats into a close collaboration with you, to create the solution you need.

Stirred, set, drinking or Greek yoghurts. Skyr. Kefir. Ayran. Traditional or contemporary on-the-go alternatives. And what about the next bestseller? No matter what your customers like and expect, AAK creates your tailored solution for both existing types and the next generation of fermented milk products.

Make a healthy and sustainable choice

Our cost-effective solutions also come with advantages like a healthy nutritional profile and high food safety. And not to forget: our supply of raw materials comes from organic and sustainable sources. Choosing AAK is also a choice for the planet.

The power of a vegetable solution

The dairy fat in fermented milk applications can be replaced with AAK’s range of vegetable solutions that we customize according to your needs. We listen to you and your business. And we are aware of trends and market challenges. As a part of our unique Co-Development approach, our experienced experts are ready to team up with you to create the optimal solution.

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Reducing cholesterol

Recombination is a powerful way to create dairy solutions suitable for certain markets or needs. During recombination, concentrated or dried ingredients are mixed and processed together with e.g. fats, oils, or water.

Yoghurt is one example of a product that can be made with recombination, using a suitable vegetable fat in combination with skimmed milk or dry ingredients and water. This is especially useful for high-fat creamy dessert yoghurts. Yoghurts with specific health claims may combine vegetable fats with, for example, the cholesterol-reducing sterol ester Vividol or Specidol, which contains long-chain n-3 (omega-3) fatty acids, providing health benefits.