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All the benefits of butter

—and something extra

Butter Blends, Alternatives, Margarines, and Spreads

Sweet and creamy, soft and spreadable. And with good taste, usability and stability. AAK’s range of butter blends, margarines, and spreads will satisfy and inspire chefs, caterers and bakers alike, providing customers with all the benefits of butter with great performance and value. Our liquid butter alternatives are made with vegetable and butter flavor which bring you the great taste of butter with added functionality, lowered cost and added convenience compared to solid and spreadable butter and margarines.

AAK’s solutions have carefully developed characteristics that will satisfy the needs of any foodservice caterers and wholesalers as well as bakery and food manufacturers. The replacement of milk fat with a vegetable oil blend is often quite simple when using AAK products. They have been tailor-made to meet the requirements of the applications as well as our customers’ individual needs. A straight one-to-one replacement is easily performed and will produce excellent results, every time.

Butter Blends

Our butter blends are made with rich AA Grade Butter and blended with sweet cream buttermilk and pure vegetable oil to provide a smooth, creamy textured butter alternative.


Our wide selection of solid and liquid margarines are a delicious and affordable choice that can be successfully substituted wherever butter is used in bakery, cooking, and other food product applications.


Our spreads, based on vegetable fat, provide an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications wherever a buttery taste—or any number of other flavors—is desired.

Butter alternatives

Our Butter Alternatives are vegetable oils which have been inspired by the great taste of butter. They have a rich buttery taste with all the benefits of cooking oils. More cost effective, more convenient and healthier than butter, our butter alternatives are essential kitchen ingredients.

A global product range

AAK’s range of butter blends, alternatives, margarines, and spreads has been adapted to accommodate different market trends and customer requirements. For more information on our top brands and solutions, please visit

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The main reasons for using AAK’s solutions

  • The same quality of the finished products as with milk fat can be reached.
  • Improved nutritional profile.
  • Favorable cost compared to butter fat.
  • The same manufacturing equipment as for ordinary dairy production can be used.
  • Easy and convenient to use in production.
  • Any ratio of vegetable fat/milk fat can be used in the applications.