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Executive Committee

Get to know who is in AAK’s Executive Committee. What are the members’ current positions and qualifications? When did they start to work at AAK? How many holdings in AAK do they have?

Johan Westman

President and CEO

Employed: 2018
Born: 1973
Nationality: Swedish
Other significant positions: Board member of Absolent Group AB (publ.) and Thule Group AB (publ.)
Experience: Senior Vice President Europe and Managing Director of the BlankLight division at Shiloh Industries, Inc., President and CEO of FinnvedenBulten AB (publ.), President of Finnveden Metal Structures AB, and management consulting with Arthur D. Little.
Qualifications: MSc. Industrial Engineering and Management
Holdings: 54,000 shares*

Tomas Bergendahl

Chief Financial Officer. Vice President AAK AB

Employed: 2021
Born: 1974
Nationality: Swedish
Qualifications: MSc. Business Administration
Holdings: 10,000 stock options*
Anne Mette Olesen - Media - AAK

Anne Mette Olesen

Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer. Head of People and Corporate Branding. Vice President AAK AB

Employed: 2010
Born: 1964
Nationality: Danish
Qualifications: MBA, BSc. Chemical Engineering
Holdings: 120,000 shares

Sten Estrup

President AAK Asia. Vice President AAK AB

Employed: 2020
Born: 1968
Nationality: Danish
Qualifications: MBA, MSc. Dairy Science & Technology, Executive Master in Change, Diploma in HRM
Holdings: None

Susanne Jaspers

President AAK Europe. Vice President AAK AB

Employed: 2022
Born: 1973
Nationality: German
Qualifications: Diplom Betriebswirt (MBA), BSc International Business Administration
Holdings: 1,500 shares
Octavio Diaz de Leon - Media - AAK

Octavio Díaz de León

President AAK USA and North Latin America. Vice President AAK AB

Employed: 2007
Born: 1967
Nationality: Mexican
Qualifications: MBA, BSc. Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Holdings: 240,000 shares
Gerardo Garza Lopez de Hereida - Media - AAK

Gerardo Garza Lopez de Heredia

President AAK South Latin America. Vice President AAK AB

Employed: 2014
Born: 1961
Nationality: Mexican
Qualifications: Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Food Engineering
Holdings: 18,000 stock options*
Rene Schou - Media - AAK

René Schou

President Global Industries. Vice President AAK AB

Employed: 2011
Born: 1969
Nationality: Danish
Qualifications: MBA, and Food Technologist
Holdings: None

Tim Stephenson

President Global Sourcing & Trading. Vice President AAK AB

Employed: 1995
Born: 1961
Nationality: British
Qualifications: MA (Oxon) in Mathematics, FCA
Holdings: None
David Smith - Media - AAK

David Smith

President Global Operations. Vice President AAK AB

Employed: 2001
Born: 1960
Nationality: British
Qualifications: MBA, Graduate Diploma in Business Management
Holdings: 40,000 stock options*
Karsten Nielsen - Media - AAK

Karsten Nielsen

CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Vice President AAK AB

Employed: 1988
Born: 1963
Nationality: Danish
Qualifications: Graduate Diploma in Food Technology
Holdings: 36,000 shares

*Holdings as of April 29, 2022. Each stock option entitles the option holder to buy six shares.