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Retail excellence—all over the world


AAK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality assured vegetable oil products and sauces. Besides delivering excellent quality solutions to the foodservice industry, our extensive product range is also available for retailers such as supermarkets and discounter across the world under private label brands and/or under our leading brands.

We provide our retail customers with an extensive portfolio of products that include private label mustards, condiments, specialty oils, spray oils, coconut oils, and sauces. We also offer a wide range of dressings, butter blends margarine, spreads, shortenings, vinegars, mayonnaise, cooking wines, cherries, and other condiment products.

Exporting to the world

From the United Kingdom, AAK supplies International Collection Specialty Oils to over 20 countries. These are the core specialty oils that can be used in everyday recipes and that special dish to add flavor and depth. Our International Collection Speciality Oils range encompasses a whole world of culinary delights that have been specifically sourced to bring inspiration and help recreate dishes from around the world.

For more information, please visit www.aakfoodservice.com.

Working together

We believe that by working with you to help you grow your business, we will grow together. We work to achieve this by carefully studying regional markets and adapting our offer to fit the latest trends. We always provide your business with high-touch sales and service, personalized customer knowledge, and products that consistently deliver the highest quality.

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