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Technical Products

AAK is specialized in the manufacturing of a comprehensive range of fatty acids, glycerine, and vegetable waxes of premium quality. We are an highly flexible multi-oil company whose product development is based on our customers and their businesses in order to meet their demands and requirements in the best possible way.

AAK's technical products are produced using a wide range of raw materials such as rapeseed oil, soybean oil, palm oil, shea oil, and many more. All products are manufactured in closely monitored and controlled processes to guarantee their quality and functionality.

Customer co-development

Finding new opportunities and overcoming challenges in today's global marketplace involves collaboration. By working with a partner with expertise and who can work proactively with customers across the value chain, makes it easier to stay competitive. Through collaborative approach and extensive knowledge in product creation and development, and beyond, AAK can assist in optimizing our customers' products and strengthen their business—all the way from idea generation to product launch.

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For candle production, AAK offers a wide range of solutions based on fatty acids and vegetable waxes. The products are formulated to function in a broad range of candle applications.

Fatty Acids

For the production of natural chemicals, AAK provides a broad range of fatty acid products that will add quality and flexibility to our customers’ applications.


Glycerine is a multi-functional product that is used in a wide variety of applications. AAK offers a high-quality glycerine that meets our customers’ requirements.