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Technical Products

Efficient and optimized solutions

Technical Products

AAK is a leading manufacturer of fatty acids, glycerine and vegetable solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. AAK's comprehensive range of technical products is carefully developed to generate superior efficiency, great stability and optimized performance.

Tailored customer Co-Development

In close collaboration with our customers, we drive innovation of high-performing solutions that meet the requirements of today and tomorrow. As a multi-oil company, we provide tailored solutions based on a variety of raw materials, such as rapeseed, palm, soy and shea.

With our unique Co-Development approach and extensive knowledge, we support you with product development and enhanced performance – all the way from idea to product launch.

Sustainable technical products 

Sustainability is central to AAK. We take pride in supplying sustainable technical products to a variety of applications, such as detergents, rubber, plastics and candles. In addition, our supply chain is carefully and regularly monitored to align with our objectives within responsible sourcing of raw materials.

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