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Fatty Acids

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Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are basic oleochemicals, formed through the splitting of vegetable oils into fatty acids and glycerin. The refined fatty acids are used in production of natural chemicals, which in turn are used in the manufacturing of paper chemicals, lubricants, detergents, plastics, and more. Fatty acids may also be used in the production of tires and candles.

Decades ago, AAK’s fatty acid production started out as a means to create value for side fractions from food oil production. Since then, the business has evolved and today, AAK has specialized in the production of saturated fatty acids, supplying a broad range of stearic acids and partly hydrogenated products for a large number of applications. We take pride in consistently delivering high-quality products with the right functionality, supporting our customers to excel in their respective fields. 

A flexible product range

Our Tefacid® product range includes stearic acids and partly hydrogenated products with different properties and functionalities. We combine our long experience and technical expertise with our Customer Co-Development approach to achieve the functionality you need.

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