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Infant Nutrition

AAK is a world-leading supplier of value-adding speciality fats, derived from natural, vegetable sources. Our lipid ingredients, which are custom-designed for infant nutrition, build on over 140 years of refining experience.

Fat is of major importance for the growth and development of infants. With the right raw materials and optimal processing, AAK ingredients can fulfill virtually any fatty acid specification. Our broad range of standard and speciality oils makes it possible to tailor compositions according to your demands that in the end will promote a healthy development of infants all over the world.

Quality in every detail

The raw materials for our infant nutrition solutions come from audited and approved suppliers. And like your finished product, their quality is monitored. AAK’s production facilities are certified according to international standards, and our gentle yet accurate processing ensures neutral taste, oxidation stability, and the elimination of contaminants.

Strengthening your business

As your partner in infant nutrition, AAK can strengthen your business significantly. Not only do we make sure supply and demand is met by matching deliveries to your rate of consumption, we also stand prepared to assist you in any way conceivable, using our extensive knowledge in technology, processes, and regulations.

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Akonino®—the natural choice for healthy development

AAK is a world-leading supplier of value-adding speciality fats to the infant formula industry. Akonino® is our custom-designed product range for infant nutrition with natural composition and unique characteristics.

Akonino® Organic

Based on a broad range of organic raw materials, AAK can tailor Akonino® Organic products for infant formula and food applications for small children. The essential properties of our products are excellent taste and functionality.

Akonino® Phospholipid—tailored for healthy growth

With our Akonino® Phospholipid solution, your final formula will provide a composition closer to mother’s milk with clinically supported benefits for the baby. The use will promote optimal growth and support visual, brain, and cognitive development in infants.

INFAT®—Advanced Lipids

INFAT® mimics the composition, structure, and nutritional value of natural fat in breast milk.