Caramel is enjoying a burst of popularity

and it’s set to continue


Popular caramel is a rich source of inspiration for exciting innovation in the confectionery sector.

Classic caramel is back in the global spotlight as consumers seek out exceptional sweet treats designed for adult tastes. Today, caramel is not only the fastest-growing flavor in indulgent chocolate and confectionery. The entire caramel category is bound for strong value growth in the years ahead, confirming its status as a premium segment.

The essential ingredient

The fat plays a big role in the flavor, mouthfeel and rich texture of caramel. How the fat melts in relation to human body temperature is a big part of the taste experience. A specialty vegetable fat can provide that process control without compromising the natural image of the final product.  

The visible advantage

Our AKOMELTM range consists of solutions for caramel products with non-hydrogenated, non-trans and low saturated fat options. Tailored solutions based exclusively on shea, palm or coconut fats accommodate consumer perceptions of what is healthiest or most sustainable.

Curious about the opportunities in the world of caramel?