Plant-based Yogurt

Make it with AkoPlanet™

Plant-based yogurt

Making creamier, thicker yogurts with AkoPlanet™

Adding it to your smoothie, eating it with granola for breakfast, making a tasty Greek-style dip – hey, we could go on forever with ways to enjoy yogurt!

Yogurt has been around for thousands of years and we love that we’re seeing more and more plant-based options in the market. Smooth, mild, creamy, and thick is how we would describe a great-tasting yogurt. Securing the same experience when opting for a plant-based version can be tough. Lack of creaminess and texture as well as taste are the top barriers when it comes to enjoying vegan yogurt. This is where fat plays a critical role and why we’ve developed our range of formulated fats made from plants to create yogurts your consumers will love. 

With AkoPlanet™ you can tailor your plant-based yogurt to be exactly how you want it, from a clean tasting drinking yoghurt to a thick and creamy Greek-style. And we can help you make it with love for people, plants and the planet.

Why the best plant-based yogurts are made with AkoPlanet™

  • Made with specially developed fat systems for thicker, creamier results
  • Made with health in mind to deliver less saturated fat compared to commonly used vegetable fat sources
  • Made with sustainability sourced raw materials
  • Made together with you through our unique Co-Development approach and the support of a global network of Innovation Centers.

Make your next yogurt even smoother with AkoPlanet™