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Akonino® Phospholipid

Long-chain omega-3 positioned in the same molecule as phospholipid mimics the structure of human milk and has been clinically shown to have increased bioavailability. We offer these ingredients in our Akonino® portfolio.

With the Akonino® Phospholipid solution we have the opportunity to support you with a unique, naturally sourced product containing phospholipids and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFA) in the same molecule, mimicking the human milk structure.

Natural content

The phospholipids are sourced from egg yolk and have a natural content of omega-3 (DHA) and omega-6 (ARA)—substances that occur naturally in human milk, and that are the main fatty acids found in the brain and the eyes. In addition, our solution naturally contains choline, cholesterol, and lutein, all of which are important nutrients for infants.

Ingredients closer to human milk

With our Akonino® Phospholipid solution, your final formula will provide a composition closer to mother’s milk with clinically supported benefits for the baby. Optimal growth and development is supported by the addition of our Akonino® Phospholipid solution, an active lipid blend originated from egg yolk and vegetable oils.

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The benefits of our Akonino® Phospholipid solutions

  • Same structure as in human milk.
  • Tailor-made formulation.
  • High quality with excellent sensory performance.
  • High bioavailability of ARA and DHA.

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