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A strong nutritional foundation


After the age of 50, many adults experience a deceleration of their metabolism. These changes affect nutritional needs and call for changes in diet. AAK can help you reach your senior nutritional product goals, and help millions of people around the world enjoy excellent taste and sensory experiences while staying healthy and active.

AAK’s products are suited to be co-developed in order to meet the needs of all seniors—from early retirees, who wish to gradually exchange a stressful lifestyle for one with more time for leisure activities, to those in their late 60s and onward, who want to extend their physical well-being and quality of life as much as possible.

Akovita®—lipids for life

Our wide range of solutions can all be tailored to precisely fit your product and production. Applications range from enriched instant powders, energy bars, and spreads to clinically proven functional drinks. The Akovita® range contains ingredients such as plant sterol esters which are clinically proven to maintain and even reduce the cholesterol level in the blood.

At AAK, we can empower your products with a wide range of functionalities:

Heart health

By optimizing and balancing the composition of fats in the diet you can keep the heart strong and healthy throughout life. We tailor oil blends to be low in saturated fats and high in good fats and omega-3s. It is clinically shown that phytosterols lower bad cholesterol, and nutritional claims may be added on packaging in many regions. To maintain a low level of cholesterol in the blood, we offer speciality products that fulfill health claim demands in several countries.

Memory and cognitive performance

Aging may cause degeneration in cognition. Studies of memory function show that the brain, which is composed of up to 60% fat, benefits significantly from a diet containing active and protecting lipids. Our portfolio comprises unique blends of lipids that can contribute to normal brain function and lipid metabolism. To support high cognitive performance, we offer a natural product uniquely combining DHA, a fatty acid clinically proven for its benefits, with Choline, which is a nutrient also found in the brain. All to keep a sharp focus.

Recover and energize via the digestive system

Physical recovery after illness and exercise is increasingly challenging as we age. To help the body reduce inflammation and maintain adequate activity levels, we provide special oil blends featuring the best ratio of active and essential lipids. By adding our high-quality structured special lipids in tailor-made blends, you formulate your product with dense and easily absorbed nutrition. This can help avoid spikes of blood sugar and maintain balanced energy levels, resulting in formulations for long-lasting endurance.

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