AAK awarded a grant to design an efficient microbial “cell factory”

A grant has been awarded to AAK and Chalmers University of Technology. The funding will support the development of microbial cell factories for specialty lipids production that could be used in various application areas such as plant-based foods, health nutrition, and personal care.

We're happy to share that one of our R&D projects based on Fermentation Technology has received funding to develop microbial cell factories for the production of specific fatty acids that could be used in various application areas.
The funding will be able to support the development of advanced metabolic engineering tools to generate novel microbial strains that may be of great relevance to the industry going forward. The project will be a vital step towards innovative bio-based solutions for better food, health, nutrition, and personal care products.
The funding is granted to AAK and Chalmers University by Novo Nordisk foundation (NNF) within the “Industrial Biotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology” platform. NNF funding aims to boost collaboration between universities and companies to make significant contributions to the sustainability of society and the environment.