Even more accurate sustainability reporting

AAK has implemented a new ESG software, Position Green, to create even better and more accurate sustainability tracking and reporting.

The implementation goes very much in line with AAK's ambition of providing comprehensive and transparent sustainability reporting that provides insight and understanding of our efforts, impacts, and contributions to sustainable development.

"A truthful, clear picture of our performance when it comes to ESG performance is crucial for us to know how far we have reached but also how far we have left in terms of reaching our commitments and targets. The system will also help us in our day-to-day work as it simplifies our internal process of collecting and reporting the data," says Emily Hansson, ESG Analyst at AAK, and continues:
"With all our numbers and reporting in line, we can now be even more confident that we have accurate high-quality data and a platform that supports us with being compliant with the new CSRD regulations."