Planting 10,000 trees

AAK partners with the Global Shea Alliance

AAK partners with the Global Shea Alliance to plant 10,000 trees

AAK has entered into partnership with the Global Shea Alliance to plant 10,000 seedlings in Ghana under the Action for Shea Parkland initiative.

AAK will mobilize women in its supply chain for the planting exercise that takes place in August this year. 

The Action for Shea Parkland initiative is part of Global Shea Alliance's sustainability program and aimed at mobilizing the industry to plant 10 million trees over the next 10 years in response to the declining tree population. Across West Africa, the shea tree population is increasingly on the decline due to commercial agriculture, tree removal for charcoal, reduced fallow, and climate change. 

Already last year, AAK took action to participate in the preservation of shea parklands in West Africa. In partnership with GIZ, The German Agency for International Cooperation, and its Program for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Degraded Lands and the Strengthening of Local Land in Rural Areas of Burkina Faso, we shared best practices in tree planting and contributed with 4,700 shea tree seedlings. We will continue investing in Burkina Faso in 2020 as well. 

AAK and the Global Shea Alliance are proud of this partnership which is a response to the clarion call to stakeholders across the globe to ACT NOW and PRESERVE shea parklands. You can join us under

Published May 15, 2020

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