AAK moves its headquarters to a new address in Hyllie, Malmö, Sweden

AAK moves its headquarters to a new address in Hyllie, Malmö, Sweden

On May 30, AAK moves its headquarters to Hyllie Terrass in Malmö. The move affects some 70 employees and strengthens the company's ambitions to be an innovative and sustainable partner and an attractive workplace, with the vision "Making Better Happen".

With the choice of Hyllie Terrass as the new head office premises, AAK's environmental as well as health-promoting focus is strengthened. This is fully in line with set sustainability ambitions, as the building has the ambition to be climate neutral and health-promoting with inviting green areas on the outdoor terraces, a clean air system, and much light admission that facilitates a stress-free working environment.

The new head office is located only one block away from the current facilities and still very close to Hyllie station. The new address is Pulpetgatan 20, 21537 Malmö. All in all, the move also provides a good basis for strengthening the possibility of becoming an attractive workplace and a new-generation employer. 

About Hyllie Terrace

At Hyllie Terrass, both people and the environment are in focus. Located close to Hyllie Station, the building comprises 12 floors, where AAK will have its headquarters distributed over three floors in the building, on floors 2, 11, and 12.

The building has an emphasis on effective ventilation and a high amount of daylight from large glass sections that also invite nature from the green terraces into the room. Parameters that reduce stress, improve health, and in the end good performance. 

The building uses climate-improved concrete, recycled materials, and innovative energy solutions to reduce the climate footprint. The waste from the construction phase on site is reused to create exclusive furniture for Hyllie Terrace’s public atrium.