AAK invests in new fund to support the development of alternative proteins and fats

AAK invests in new fund to support the development of alternative proteins and fats

AAK has invested in Big Idea Ventures's New Protein Fund II.

To support the development of alternative proteins, ingredients and fats, AAK has invested in Big Idea Ventures’s New Protein Fund II. AAK also invested in Big Idea Ventures' first fund. The investment underlines AAK's commitment to fostering innovation and driving sustainable growth within the food and ingredients industry.

The new fund is focusing on science and technology-based ventures within alternative protein, ingredients, fats, and ecosystems investments that deliver more sustainable food solutions.

“The investment aligns with AAK's vision of shaping a sustainable future for the global food industry. By participating, AAK aims to identify and support promising startups and early-stage companies with groundbreaking solutions, disruptive technologies, and high-growth potential”, says Johan Westman, President and CEO of AAK. “With this investment, AAK is building on its partnership with BIV with the ambition of bringing even more innovation to our organization in the future”.

As part of AAK’s focus on innovation investments, AAK invested in Green-On in 2022, also in partnership with BIV. And recently, a new Plant-based Foods Global Innovation Center of Excellence in the Netherlands was inaugurated.

“By partnering with startups and emerging companies, AAK can tap into fresh ideas and technologies within cultivation, fermentation and plant-based food, strengthening our current and future position in value-adding vegetable oils and fats”, said Niall Sands, President Commercial Development and Innovation at AAK.

The investment has no material impact on AAK’s financials.