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AAK’s Annual Report 2013 and AAK Report 2013 are published

AAK’s Annual Report 2013 and AAK Report 2013 have been published and are available in English and Swedish at the company’s home page, www.aak.com.

The printed versions of AAK Annual Report 2013 and AAK Report 2013 will be distributed by mail to shareholders and other stakeholders, commencing April 17, 2014.

For further information, please contact:
Anders Byström
Director External Accounting & Investor Relations
Phone: +46 40 627 83 32
Mobile: +46 709 88 56 13

The information is that which AarhusKarlshamn AB (publ) is obliged to publish under the provisions of the Stock Exchange and Clearing Operations Act and/or the Trading in Financial Instruments Act. The information was released to the media for publication on April 17, 2014 at 9 am CET.

AarhusKarlshamn (AAK) is one of the world’s leading producers of high value-added speciality vegetable oils and fats solutions. These oils and fats solutions are characterized by a high level of technological content and innovation. AAK`s solutions are used as substitute for butter-fat and cocoa butter, trans-free and low saturated solutions but also addressing other needs of our customers. AAK has production facilities in Denmark, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, Uruguay and the US. Further AAK has also toll manufacturing operations in Russia and Malaysia. The company is organized in three Business Areas; Food Ingredients, Chocolate and Confectionery Fats and Technical Products & Feed. AAK’s shares are traded on the NASDAQ OMX, Stockholm, within the Large Cap segment. Further information on AAK can be found on the company’s website www.aak.com.


AAK Annual Report 2013

AAK Report 2013

Press release (PDF)