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Deliver the premium promise

with COBAO™ Pure

Extend your product's shelf life

COBAO™ Pure is a cocoa butter that delivers significantly improved bloom-retarding effects in applications as milk and dark chocolate tablets, coated and filled products, and dark chocolate with nuts. Your product's shelf life can be expanded with up to 400%.

woman reading ingredients' label

Reading labels

Impact purchase decisions

More than two thirds of consumers (69%) say reading labels has an impact on their purchase decisions.

As a 100% cocoa butter, COBAO Pure is not subject to regulations that limit the use of vegetable fats in chocolate products. COBAO Pure delivers excellent bloom-retarding capabilities without the multiple formulation and labelling drawbacks of other ingredients such as milk fats, vegetable fats and emulsifiers. 

chocolate with bloom

Do you want to extend the shelf life on your premium chocolate?

COBAO Pure extends shelf life with up to 400%

Consumers are paying more for high-end chocolate, and they expect the product to reach them in perfect condition. This means that avoiding blooming and maintaining an attractive appearance for longer is essential.

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