Chocolates tailored to your desires

The right taste, softness, and texture


There’s a limit to what you can do when only using cocoa butter. But if you add ILLEXAO™ you can adjust taste, texture, softness, and hardness with a consistent result. Or you can reduce costs. Your chocolate will still be chocolate.

Our ILLEXAO™ range consists of solutions that can be mixed with cocoa butter, but that give you possibilities that cocoa butter alone cannot provide.

The natural options

ILLEXAO™ CB adapts easily to your needs for flavor, texture, and meltdown. All you need to do is replace 5 percent of the cocoa butter in your milk or dark chocolate recipes.

Are you looking to make a soft and creamy filling, but still want excellent storage stability? Adding ILLEXAO™ BR to the chocolate significantly increases bloom stability.

In warm climates, the problems of softening and chocolate bloom are well-known. However, the ILLEXAO™ HS lets you increase the melting point of the chocolate in order for it to withstand elevated temperatures.

Cocoa-rich dark chocolates have acquired a new, healthier image in recent years due to revelations about various nutritional benefits. With ILLEXAO™ ER dark chocolate becomes smoother and creamier with an excellent meltdown and flavor release.

Chocolate indulgence with endless possibilities 

It is possible to produce a super compound equivalent to the quality of chocolate by using the right ILLEXAO™ product to replace up to all the free cocoa butter in the chocolate recipe. By using the right ILLEXAO™ to replace up to all the free cocoa butter in the chocolate recipe, it is possible to produce a super compound. This provides endless possibilities for developing innovative products with customized properties, new functionalities, and maximum chocolate appeal. 

ILLEXAO™ SC is perfect for full cocoa butter replacement, giving you a super compound with tailor-made melting properties similar to chocolate and with a rich chocolate flavor. You can also customize crystallization properties, making production easier while reducing waste.

ILLEXAO™ VN ensures the milky sensory and creamy mouthfeel as well as bloom retarding properties by partial or full replacement of milk fat in super compound recipes.

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Why you should choose ILLEXAO™

  • Many options for a flexible solution
  • Tailor taste and texture
  • Reduced costs
  • Meets Codex and local regulations for chocolate
  • Longer shelf life

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