Delight tastebuds, save costs

With cocoa butter prices increasing more than 90% over the past five years, switching to cocoa butter equivalents (CBEs) presents an opportunity for cost savings while meeting customer expectations on delicious chocolates.

CBEs explained

Smooth and delicious chocolate is known for its expensive raw materials. When the chocolate recipe is entirely based on cocoa butter, there’s only so much manufacturers can do to improve stability during shelf life and innovate around texture and hardness. That’s where CBEs come in. They are specialty plant-based fats for chocolate, designed to supplement, or completely replace, the cocoa butter in your recipes.

Consumers crave chocolate that tastes delicious

Our research indicates that taste is the primary factor influencing chocolate purchases across all 14 surveyed countries. While affordability is a significant consideration, it is not as crucial as taste. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize taste without compromising it when seeking cost savings. CBEs are an excellent option for achieving this balance.

With our CBE range, ILLEXAO™, you can explore new territory within indulgent chocolate innovation

Tailored indulgence
Our flexible solutions open new doors to chocolate innovation

Longer lasting quality
Glossy, appealing chocolate with a longer shelf life

A more sustainable choice
Ingredients that contribute to a better world

Cost efficient processing
A smooth process that gives uniform products and potential raw material savings

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