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Smooth, chocolaty coating

for fine bakery and molded confectioneries


The AKOPOL™ range gives you smart, easy-to-use products that provide flexibility to coating applications or molded products. AKOPOL™ replaces cocoa butter and adds extra value to your confectionery or baked products.

Are you making molded products, chocolate coating for confectioneries or baked goods? Within the AKOPOL™ range we have solutions that will make your life easier.

Secure bloom stability and crystallization

AKOPOL™ MC offers a flexible use in coating and molded products. It mixes well with cocoa liquor and creates an exceptionally smooth, chocolaty quality.

AKOPOL™ CO is our special cocoa butter replacer for coatings. Particularly manufacturers of fine bakery products will appreciate its ability to resist cracking and withstand fat migration from cakes or pastries.

Both products have good bloom stability and excellent crystallization rate. Moreover, tempering is not required and you can achieve high capacity output on the production line. You can produce on the same line that you use for your chocolate products as there is no risk of contamination by lauric fat.

Getting rid of trans fats?

Do you need that exceptional plasticity, but also a healthier image without trans fats? Make AKOPOL™ NH or AKOPOL™ LT your favorite cocoa butter replacer. While AKOPOL™ LT is low in trans fats, AKOPOL™ NH takes you another step —to no trans fats or hydrogenation at all. AKOPOL™ LT provides a reliable bloom stability that maintains the appetizing glossy appearance during shelf life time.

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Chocolate cake - Chocolate and Confectionery - AAK

Why you should choose AKOPOL™

  • Processing on the same line as cocoa butter
  • Extreme flexibility in recipe and process
  • Good shelf life
  • Crack-resistant coatings