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More taste and tastier looks

Premium quality coatings


CEBES™ is our range of premium compound solutions for enrobed or molded confectionery and baked products that your customers will remember.

If you really want your product to express premium quality, CEBES™ MC is the cocoa butter substitute for you. Use it in biscuit or wafer coatings and molded products, and you will quickly appreciate the outstanding snap, texture and flavor release, which are very similar to those of chocolate. Lauric-based CEBES™ MC requires no tempering and, due to its low viscosity, offers you cost-efficient coating and molding.

Better bloom stability

High bloom resistance ensures an excellent glossy appearance throughout shelf life, giving your products long-lasting appeal. At the same time, your products will be hard and stable at room temperature and non-greasy to the touch.

Healthier—and just as tasty

Traditionally, cocoa butter substitutes are produced by means of hydrogenation and are high in saturated fatty acids. When you choose CEBES™ NH and CEBES™ LS, you are on your way to compounds with a clean label and a healthier profile.

Both products are non-hydrogenated and free from trans fatty acids. CEBES™ LS offers the additional advantage of a reduced saturated fatty acids content. These are the winning characteristics on today’s health-conscious consumer market.

The CEBES™ range has fast crystallization, pleasant meltdown properties, and great flavor release in a wide range of coatings and hard fillings. CEBES™ NH is also ideal for molded products.

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Why you should choose CEBES™

  • Tailor your compounds
  • Fast meltdown
  • Available as non-hydro and low SAFA
  • Non-temper
  • Fast crystallization
  • Very good sensory profile, similar to cocoa butter
  • Easy and fast processing