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The natural choice

for healthy development


A well-balanced nutrition gives a child the building blocks needed to achieve optimal development. Akonino® lipid ingredients are our custom-designed products for infant nutrition. With its natural composition and unique characteristics, Akonino® lets the lipid part of your formula mimic the golden standard of breast milk.

AAK is a world-leading supplier of value-adding speciality fats to the infant formula industry. Our infant nutrition offering consists of the exact combination of fatty acids to match your specifications, with antioxidants and other supplements available upon request.

A natural solution

To come as close to breast milk as possible, your formula needs the right fatty acid content. The Akonino® solution supplies a blended lipid ingredient guaranteed to meet requested specifications. This means a number of advantages when comparing to single-oil sourcing regarding blending, storing, and overall logistics.

Security from start to finish

The raw materials for Akonino® ingredients come from audited and approved suppliers and the quality is monitored. AAK’s production facilities are certified according to international standards, and our processing ensures neutral taste, oxidation stability, and the elimination of contaminants.

With you every step of the way

The Akonino® family is unique in its breadth and capabilities, and we can assist you in making the most of it. Akonino® ingredients can fulfill virtually any fatty acid specification. Antioxidants can also be added upon request. Depending on your needs, AAK can act as advisor or as a full development partner.

Specifications guaranteed

Satisfying your expectations and those of regulating authorities is critical. AAK meets your specifications in full, each and every time your Akonino® ingredient is delivered. Our own purity standards often surpass the legal requirements, and our quality assurance is verified by third-party auditors against international standards.

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Custom-designed ingredients

  • Unique advantages
  • Guaranteed specification
  • High, consistent quality
  • Optimal addition of antioxidants
  • Simplified planning
  • Improved logistics

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