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AAK is a leading supplier of natural-based ingredients for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The foundation of our commitment to supply beneficial medical ingredients is our Akomed® range. The range provides a source of bioactive, readily available energy and essential oils for co-developing the best recipes for recovery to good health.

The AAK product portfolio for medical nutrition builds on specialities for enteral and parenteral nutrition—all ready to be formulated to help patients with vital nutrition and increase their quality of life.

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For medical nutrition purposes, we can assist with products to suit a variety of end applications such as highly nutritional supplementary powders, drinks or snacks, tube feeds, intravenous nutritionals, and injectable pharmaceuticals. Our range encompasses purified single oils through to speciality lipids and structured triglycerides.

Parenteral Nutrition—Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

Serving the parenteral nutrition segment requires precision and expertise. At AAK, we offer single oils that are cGMP-approved, which means that they comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices. The oils are used as active pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as customized structured triglycerides.

Enteral Nutrition—Customized blends and single oils

AAK has for decades served enteral nutrition customers with customized blends of high-purity vegetable oils.

Oral nutritional supplements—Functional Ingredients and Excipients

For oral supplements, we can offer preventive phytosterols, inflammatory-reducing omega-3s, and advanced active lipids.

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The product category has been co-developed with some of our customers. AAK has contributed with special competence when it comes to sourcing plant-based raw material vegetable oils and the conversion through the use of lipid technology, into pure and safe oils for clinical use.