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supports nutrient uptake in the body

New clinical evidence supports increased bioavailability with AAK’s Akovita® ELIP range

AAK continues its expansion of tailor-made solutions for seniors, and the company has now strengthened its position within the nutrition field by substantiating the nutrient uptake from its Akovita® products.

AAK’s Special Nutrition business has recently presented a positive outcome of a clinical trial focused on improved nutrient uptake in the body based on which form the nutrient is present in the diet. The results of the study support the use of the company’s Akovita® ELIP range in which nutrients are naturally found in the phospholipid form.

The clinical trial was conducted together with Wageningen Food and Biobased Research in the Netherlands and was designed to evaluate if choline uptake in healthy adults is improved after consumption of an egg yolk phospholipid drink, containing natural choline, compared to a control drink with choline bitartrate. All individuals showed a consistent improved choline absorption – four times higher – when the diet contained natural choline compared to choline salts.

The outcome of the study is of relevance to the food industry, showing that adding choline from egg yolk phospholipids, instead of adding choline salts, can improve choline uptake and have a positive impact on health.

Supporting our commercial offer with positive clinical results is of great importance. Through these results, we have been able to create several commercial leads as well as an increased interest in our Akovita® ELIP range.

The outcome of the clinical trial has been published in the online version of the journal Nutrients

Published December 17, 2019

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