Individualization is here

Let's meet it in chocolate

One size no longer fits all in chocolate and confectionery

Product formulations are a playground which seems to be inviting all consumers to try super-exciting, healthy ingredients to make a difference to both health and flavor. That’s indulgence 2.0. We are seeing a fundamental shift from food-for-the masses to personal and unique food that’s customized for each individual needs. This is where AAK has an important role to play.

My life goes beyond me

I am choice

The vegan trend meets chocolate and confectionery

As health, cost and planetary concerns coincide, more people are adopting flexitarian lifestyles, with dairy as an occasional treat.

"79% of chocolate consumers would be interested in trying a non-dairy milk chocolate"

AAK global consumer survey, 2019

My life, my rules

I am demand

Snacking segment taps into premium, high-in protein chocolate.

Society’s ever-increasing emphasis on fitness and looking good is expected to generate more demand for everyday foods that have “the good stuff” added.

"31% of consumers consider high-in-protein claim important when buying chocolate"

AAK global consumer survey, 2019

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