Developing a coconut nursery in the Philippines

Rejuvenates the coconut tree population

Engaging in a Philippine coconut nursery

Because approximately 90 percent of all coconut trees globally are reaching the end of their productive lifecycle, AAK has identified the rejuvenation of coconut tree populations as a priority. As a first step, we have engaged with a key supplier in the Philippines to establish a coconut nursery.

Coconut seedlings growing for the future

For the nursery project, AAK buys coconuts from local farmers to be placed in the nursery. The coconuts are then nurtured until they grow into strong young seedlings. Currently, more than 800 seedlings are growing in the nursery. Once mature enough, the seedlings are handed over to the farmers to be planted out in the fields.

AAK is inquiring a partnership with the Philippine Coconut Authority to increase the outreach of this initiative.

The AAK coconut nursery

Image from the coconut nursery in the Philippines, where the coconut seedlings grow before being planted out in the fields. 

Today, AAK sources coconut oil from the Philippines, Indonesia and partly from India.

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