Progressing on responsible sourcing

scaling up our commitment to sustainable coconut oil

All about better sourcing of coconut

Coconut oil is a key raw material for AAK and a key source of income for thousands of smallholder farmers worldwide.

Our milestones and roadmap to 2025

Our milestones and roadmap to 2025 show our progress in the journey towards sustainable coconut, as well as our ambitions still ahead. 

Sustainability KPIs for coconut

Deeply understanding our supply base

Traceability is a key challenge in the coconut supply chain. At AAK, we buy crude and refined coconut oil and are therefore dependent on our suppliers to act in accordance with sustainable practices. 

We hold our coconut suppliers responsible for traceability through our supplier score cards, a new initiative launched in 2020 and rolled out in 2021. The score cards will be vital to drive progress onwards. The score cards are aligned with the key aspects of the Sustainable Coconut Charter. 

In 2023, we remained at 100 percent traceability to crushing plant and 27 percent traceability to municipality.

Engaging with suppliers and farmers

In 2023, we continued our bilateral supplier engagement activities globally and progressively outreach the farmers within our direct supply chain.

We work with the suppliers and farmers to achieve greater level of transparency and traceability. We support farmers with replanting seedlings and conducted capacity building on good agricultural practices.


Driving impact beyond our supply base

In 2020, AAK joined the Sustainable Coconut Partnership as a founding member and continues to be involved in the Steering committee, together with leaders from Barry Callebaut, Ferrero, Nestlé, and Unilever. AAK is also a signatory of the Sustainable Coconut Charter, which is a global benchmark for sustainable coconut industry.

AAK encourages other supply chain partners to support the charter going forward.