Progressing on responsible sourcing

scaling up our commitment to sustainable soy

All about better sourcing of soy

In terms of volume, soybean oil is a relatively small-scale raw material for AAK. However, since there are sustainability risks within the production of soybeans, especially related to deforestation, soy was included in our list of key raw materials for responsible sourcing in 2019.

After an initial risk assessment in 2019, we have once again partnered with Proforest to fully map our supply base. 

Our milestones and roadmap to 2025

Our milestones and roadmap to 2025 shows our progress in the journey towards sustainable soy, as well as our ambitions still ahead. 

Deeply understanding our supply base 

A key part of this process was to engage our suppliers in a survey to assess existing commitments as well as to further progress on traceability, all of which gave us valuable insights into our supply base. Today, we are working towards a 100 percent verified deforestation-free supply chain by 2025

In our 2021 supply chain assessment, we have taken the cautionary approach and only rated certified supply chains as verified deforestation-free (VDF). 

It means that we need to collect additional assurance before being able to make a claim even though large parts of our supply chain are still originating from relatively low-risk areas. The current status of VDF volumes in soy is therefore 30 percent.