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A healthier diet with omega-3


Specidol™ is a healthy ingredient that is easy to add to everyday products in order to increase the intake of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

By adding Specidol™ OL to your everyday diet you get all the benefits from omega-3 without having to change your existing diet. A high, consistent quality leads to the possibility of using nutritional claims within the EU, amongst other regions.

An established practice

Adding omega-3 in various foods is becoming more common and has increased dramatically since 2005. Today, the fortification is well-known and used throughout the world to improve dietary habits.

Ready to use and easy to handle

The total omega-3 content is 22% and the main part of the omega-3 is vegetable-sourced and comes from flaxseed oil. Specidol™ OL comes in liquid form, making it easy to handle and add into a variety of different applications.

A wide range of applications

The product has excellent sensory properties and provides a good taste stability, which is needed for good manufacturing. Possible applications for Specidol™ OL are spreads, dairy products, salad dressings/oils, and bread.

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Why you should choose Specidol™

  • Specidol™ OL is based on top-quality non-GMO vegetable ingredients.
  • Specidol™ OL can also be used to balance the fatty acid ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 in the diet.
  • The production is monitored by state-of-the-art quality control systems.
  • AAK has extensive knowledge in fat technology, processing, and product adaptation for your industry—speed, quality, and security.
  • AAK provides technical support and tailor-made solutions for your applications.