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Innovative cooperation

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Optimizing gingerbread for Nyåkers

A close collaboration with AAK has given the Swedish company Nyåkers— world’s second largest producer of gingerbreads—optimized ingredients, simplified stock-keeping, and long-lasting value.

AB Nyåkers Pepparkakor is a family-owned business located in the Northern part of Sweden and their main focus product is gingerbreads. In 2014, AAK and Nyåkers started a project together, aiming at improving efficiency by simplifying the stock-keeping, optimizing the ingredients used, and improving the working environment.

Awake and ready

“Our cooperation with AAK is characterized by value creation and high customer service,” says Christoffer Sai Öhberg, CEO at Nyåkers. “Since AAK started supplying to us, our products have higher quality at a lower cost. In addition, our ability to innovate has increased.”

The cooperation has developed well over the years, with new exciting projects in the pipeline.

“AAK has high integrity, responsiveness and transparency. They’re always awake, always ready, and hungry. They represent the change that the industry has needed for so long,” says Christoffer Sai Öhberg.

Cooperation is the way forward

Nyåkers has a clear strategy: to be in the premium segment with products of the highest quality and to never compromise on taste. To achieve this, the company only uses the best ingredients available.

“Nyåkers demands a lot from us as a supplier, but the success of their products in the market is great proof that our targeted work with continuous improvements in close cooperation with our customers is the right way forward”, says Johan Malm, AAK’s sales representative for Nyåkers. “This is exactly how we achieve long-lasting results together with our customers.”

—Ted Fyke, Regional Sales Director, Nordic & Baltics

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