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Cost-effective and healthier

—the story behind a groundbreaking product

Innovating a “no cholesterol” option

What can you do when you need to enter new markets and do something different—without increasing costs? AAK Mexico came up with Akofluid D17, a “no cholesterol” product that provides health benefits and keeps the flavor profile.

At AAK Mexico, we often organize workshops for our customers during which we have the opportunity to work closely with many of their different departments, such as Research & Development, Marketing, Production and Quality. At a recent workshop session we identified that a customer needed to enter new markets with one of its dairy products. In order to gain market shares the customer had to do something different without increasing costs.

Low in trans and saturated fats

To meet our customer’s challenge we started to work on a differentiated fat called Akofluid D17 which would give the final product healthy properties, without interfering with the flavor profile. Akofluid D17 is low in trans and saturated fats and the product could in Mexico be labeled with “No cholesterol”. This way, the purchasing decision of the end consumer was not only driven by price but also by health benefits.

Powerful pilot plants

Many trials were conducted at AAK’s Customer Innovation Center in order to create our customer’s product. We offered an integral solution and shipped our Akufluid D17 in a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

Our customer’s product has now been launched with increased sales and growth in the forecast.

—José Concepción Hernandez Raya, Frying and Dairy solutions Manager, AAK Mexico

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