Meeting the needs of customers

with healthy, nutritious, functional, and sustainable solutions

Healthy and nutritious solutions

With more than 150 years of experience in plant-based oils, AAK provides tailor-made solutions that significantly improve nutritional intake, while minimizing our impact on the environment.

AAK has a long history of co-developing innovative solutions with customers that enable them to bring healthier and more nutritious food products to market. Working together, we make it possible to create solutions with specific characteristics and properties, including without trans-fatty acids and with a lower amount of saturated fatty acids. 

Oils and fats are important sources of energy and a carrier of fat-soluble vitamins. They also provide essential fatty acids that the body needs but cannot produce itself. A good example of how we are working with this benefit is our infant formula solutions. In this respect, oils and fats are necessary to maintain a good overall health and can in some cases even be used to help prevent disease. 

Health is a top priority 

As our population grows – and grows older – there is a demand for food products that help to promote a healthier lifestyle. People have become increasingly aware of the importance of this, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 has changed many aspects of our daily lives and routines, and for many of us a healthy diet is a top priority. 

At AAK, we are experiencing a broader health and nutrition focus across multiple industries, where consumers are looking for innovative solutions for dairy products, chocolate and confectionery, and the growing category of plant-based foods. However, there is also a need for functional ingredients that help conditions such as cognitive decline, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and eye health. 

“We see healthy and nutritious solutions as a natural and integrated part of our business”, says Anders Sikjær, Global Sales Director, Special Nutrition. “Together with a sustainable supply chain and efficient production our Health & Nutrition platform can contribute with solutions that benefit both people and the planet.”