Meeting demand for plant-based foods

by applying advanced biotechnology

Enabling nutritious plant-based food

The development of plant-based food solutions in substitution of animal-based products in our daily diets are crucial to achieving a sustainable food system. To feed a growing population within planetary boundaries, we need to consider not only environmental impact but also nutrition in our solution pipeline.

There is continuous work being performed by different ingredients suppliers to create sustainable alternatives to animal-based food products. The work touches upon all types of parameters to develop advanced emulsions systems, mimicking the structure of oils and fats in meat and dairy products. At AAK, we strive to make solutions that meet these needs while at the same time ensuring the right nutritional levels. Still, some nutrients are unique to animal products, but AAK has a team working on innovation within this area.

During 2021, the focus has been on improving the nutritional value of our plant-based solutions. By including advanced biotechnology in our development processes and platforms, we have ensured compliance with the nutritional requirements enabling us to meet the increasing demand for plant-based foods. At the same time, our processing platform for plant-based oils and fats enables us to tailor structures according to consumer preferences with a focus on functionality, flavor, and sensory experience.

Animal-based foods have relatively high levels of lipids, which both create a rich flavor and a sensation of fullness after the meal, while also delivering a range of nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins, and structured lipids. Moreover, meat and dairy products are the cultural references in many traditional diets and dishes, and to many people they represent a major portion of daily food spending. To successfully substitute animal-based ingredients, we therefore need to develop the required functionality with new technology and make better happen without dramatically increase costs in order to keep plant-based foods at an affordable level. 

AAK has embraced this challenge and we see it as our responsibility to make even better happen with the skills and technology that we possess, supplying plant-based alternatives that meet all value-adding criteria.