Providing solid expertise

for better plant-based food solutions

Supporting demand for plant-based foods in India

Sharing knowledge and understanding the benefits of more sustainable solutions is central to helping our customers and other stakeholders increase demand. Courses at our Customer Innovation Centers, run through AAK ACADEMY™, enable us to deliver this service to customers.

AAK has partnered with Good Food Institute India to collaborate on advancing India’s highly promising market for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. Through the partnership, AAK’s Customer Innovation Center in Mumbai will host several AAK ACADEMY™ sessions to help businesses and entrepreneurs take advantage of the opportunities that exist in India’s plant-based foods market.

With support from Good Food Institute India, AAK will also provide co-development expertise on how companies can accelerate the formulation of new products, with a particular focus on achieving a memorable sensory experience that appeals to local tastes. The collaboration is closely linked to AkoPlanet™, our platform for plant-based food innovations.

"This collaboration means we can provide more support to both established food producers and start-ups, promoting the fast-track development of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives for the Indian market", said Dheeraj Talreja, President of AAK India. "We are particularly excited to work with Good Food Institute India. As a non-profit organization, it is globally recognized for supporting the development of sustainable and healthy plantbased foods."

Varun Deshpande, Managing Director at Good Food Institute India, explained how the challenges of climate change, antimicrobial resistance, and food insecurity presented by the world’s reliance on animal protein supply chains have been underscored by the Covid-19 public health crisis. "Accelerating the development of the plant-based meat, egg and dairy sector is imperative to building a more secure and resilient protein supply", Varun said. "Indian businesses and scientists have immense potential to be at the center of this development, driving affordability and sensory experiences as well as cultural appeal in transformative plant-based foods."

Plant-based foods have significant potential in India and AAK will be there to support demand and provide solid expertise for better solutions in collaboration with local stakeholders.