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“I am proud of our open-door culture”

Karla Román, HR Responsible in Mexico

Karla Román

Karla wanted to work in a global industrial company, and found what she was looking for at AAK. Today, she is Human Resource responsible in Mexico.

One day, after she had just graduated, Karla Román had the opportunity to visit AAK in Morelia, Mexico. The association she was working for at the time was affiliated with AAK, and she immediately realized that she belonged here.

“I still remember that we were walking in the manoeuvring yard and I watched the pipes and people working, and I thought ‘someday I am going to work here’, and here I am. It has been eleven happy years as an employee at AAK,” she says.

One of the major reasons for wanting to work for AAK was because she felt it was a responsible company that looks out for partners, colleagues, and the communities in which it operates. As HR Responsible, she now manages employment and talent identification, and ensures the well-being of the colleagues at AAK.

“I am proud of our open-door culture,” she says. “Co-workers can approach our local management team to talk about any subject that worries them. People here work as a team to reach good results, there is an alignment of objectives, and people know where they are going and what is required from them.”