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“AAK pays a lot of attention to safety”

Alex Wang, HSE Manager in China

Alex Wang

Meet Alex Wang, HSE Manager at the plant in Zhangjiagang, China. He is responsible for questions concerning Health, Safety and Environment and his work is necessary for a safe and pleasant working environment for all employees.

Alex Wang has a Bachelor degree in Safety Engineering. At AAK, he is responsible for inspection and evaluation of the environment, equipment, and processes around the new facility to ensure AAK follows all safety regulations and requirements.

Alex knew about AAK before he started working here in 2015, so when the company started a green field project close to his hometown, he joined the company.

“I soon found out that the people are nice and work hard, always willing to help each other. AAK also pays more attention to safety and provides regular training internally,” he says.

One of the major challenges in his job is running big, complex projects, such as the development of the factory in Zhangjiang. The construction involved more than 600 people and 12 cranes. A lot of high risk tasks are going on at the same time, like welding, work high above the ground, or lifting. So naturally, the safety is extremely important.

Alex says that the project is a factory for the future, not just for what is needed in one or two years. AAK not only cares about the safety of the employees, but also the overall wellbeing.

“AAK pays attention to environment protection. We try to cooperate with other enterprises in the surrounding area to build a co-safety team. We participate in the activities held by Free Trade Zone Leadership and in sports games with other plants. We also organize our own Family Day to invite our employees’ family members to visit our plant to show the working environment that our employees work in. During the weekend, our Staff Union will organize visits in the community to promote our products and ideas of using healthy oils, and we promote environmental protection and safety,” he concludes.