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Long shelf life—less bloom

Keep your chocolates fresh and glossy


Just a thin layer of BARRIER FAT™ keeps bars and nut-filled confectionery bloom-free for far longer than any other solution.

Apply BARRIER FAT™ as a layer to keep filling fat migration into chocolate coatings at bay. You can even blend it with sugar, cocoa, and milk powder. It is non-hydrogenated and without trans fatty acids in order to meet the needs and health awareness of your consumers.

Minimize softening and slow down blooming

In products with high amounts of hazelnuts BARRIER FAT™ minimizes softening of the shell and slows down bloom development. You can apply the thinnest chocolate shell or incorporate a high level of hazelnuts in the filling, and shelf life will still be significantly prolonged.

Smart ways of application

The barrier layer can be applied in several different ways, depending on which is best for your product. You can even spray it onto the inner side of the chocolate shell prior to filling.

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Why you should choose BARRIER FAT™


  • Effective bloom inhibition
  • Longer-lasting appeal
  • Neutral taste
  • Improved shelf life