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for tasty sensations and a healthier profile


Crispy, crunchy and so light it melts in the mouth. Or maybe a soft mousse? DELIAIR™ NH gives you many options when it comes to textures of your fluffier confectioneries.

Our unique DELIAIR™ NH offers the highest whipping capacity and filling volume on the market today. It gives you endless light texture variations and opportunities to include other ingredients that pave the way to new sensory experiences for consumers. Why not add cocoa mass, crisp cereal, nuts, or dried fruit? 

How it works

DELIAIR™ NH stabilizes the air bubbles that build during whipping and maintains crunchy textures throughout shelf life. You can also reduce overall fat content at no expense to volume, improve the nutritional profile, and reduce ingredient costs.

DELIAIR™ NH is non-lauric and non-hydrogenated, and it has high bloom stability and great melting properties.

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Chocolate mousse - Chocolate and Confectionery - AAK

Why you should choose DELIAIR™


  • Light, aerated products
  • Exciting textures
  • Fat reduction