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Perfect fillings

Low in fat, tasty, and with bloom stability


Focus on giving your consumers an exciting tasting experience with innovative ingredients. Use fillings with crunch, fruit chunks, hot chili, liquors and more. CHOCOFILL™ lets you fill your chocolates with taste, while also being able to lower fat and getting excellent bloom stability.

There are several variants within our CHOCOFILL™ range, each with unique qualities and properties that help you tailor your chocolates to your liking.

Multi-purpose clean label

If you’re looking for an all-round, non-hydrogenated filling fat, CHOCOFILL™ NH is an excellent choice. It’s highly compatible with cocoa butter, nut oil, milk fat, and water. The product is also cost-effective and easy to use and does not require tempering.

Healthily low in saturated fats

Most filling fats contain at least 50 percent saturated fatty acids. But not CHOCOFILL™ LS. It is specially developed for confectioneries with a healthier profile, and this unique range can help you reduce the saturates in fillings. Even at low levels, CHOCOFILL™ LS gives fillings a firm structure with good crystallization, melting, and storage properties. We bet you’ll appreciate the high processing flexibility, too.

Longer shelf life

Whether your filling is soft, high in nuts, or likely to face fluctuating temperatures in storage, CHOCOFILL™ BR is your guarantee of an extended shelf life. In fact, in many cases confectionery shelf life is doubled. Another property is excellent flavor release.

Cool, refreshing, tolerant

Consumers enjoy the refreshing cooling sensation as CHOCOFILL™ TC melts in the mouth. The range is highly tolerant of cocoa butter, making it suitable for recipes based on chocolate. This gives you broad application flexibility and optimal raw material use in production.

High quality on a small budget

Low cost and high quality come together with CHOCOFILL™ GP. Packed with functionality, these all-purpose filling fats offer the best value for money on the market. CHOCOFILL™ GP gives fillings a smooth texture, appealing mouthfeel, and satisfying flavor release.

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Chocolate - Chocolate and Confectionery - AAK

Why you should choose CHOCOFILL™

  • CHOCOFILL™ BR—for significantly improved bloom stability
  • CHOCOFILL™ GP—for cost-efficient fillings
  • CHOCOFILL™ NH—non-hydrogenated for flexibility
  • CHOCOFILL™ TC—for fillings with an excellent cooling sensation
  • CHOCOFILL™ LS—low in saturated fatty acids for a healthier profile