What is AkoPlanet™?

Our story

The story of AkoPlanet™

Together with our customers, we develop great-tasting plant-based food made with love for people, plants and the planet.

Vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets have rapidly moved into the mainstream, bringing unique challenges for food producers – and a world of opportunities. Yet, at AAK, plant-based ingredients are not new – they are part of who we are.

We believe people should be able to enjoy healthy, sustainable plant-based foods without sacrificing taste and texture.

AkoPlanet™ is our platform for plant-based foods where we harness over 100 years of experience in plant-based oils and fats so people who choose a plant-based lifestyle can enjoy the foods they love without compromise. With our dedicated approach you can take your plant-based meat, -dairy or -frozen dessert to the next level.

Made together with our customers

Our dedicated go-to-market teams can work with you to meet the needs of your customers and support you in your company mission. Together we can create the sensory experience and nutritional profile you are looking for and at the same time make sure that your sustainability credentials are met. In a consumer world that is moving faster and faster our proven Co-Development approach accelerates the time from idea to launch – while ensuring the results meet expectations.

Made with love for the planet

Through AkoPlanet™ we seek to play our part in a more sustainable world. Made with traceable raw materials, we work with our customers to create solutions that are good for people and the planet.

Join us on our journey

This is just the start. AkoPlanet™ is committed to a long-term journey towards sustainable, healthy plant-based food choices – a journey we are taking with customers through co-development and partnership. Will you join us?

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